#miempleoconremarka. Remarka SAS, We seek for Director of Industrial Sales in BOGOTA, MEDELLIN, BARRANQUILLA or CALI, proven professional with minimum 8 years experience in related positions in multinational food companies, large and POSITIONING STRATEGY COURSE on PRODUCT, in the Andean Region. Essential spoken and written language, willingness to travel frequently and American visa. Configuration 3 months and Induction Training in the United States. Interested send your resume to:, placing in subject: Industrial Sales Manager.

This vacancy requires a pre-filter and pre-selection process, should not be contacted, your resume will be kept in our database, for an upcoming profile, adjusted to their characteristics. Remarka SAS reserves the right to screen applicants, but adjusted in terms of requirements to launch the selection process. The volunteer sent your resume, indicating their interest in participating in our call, but does not establish any link or commitment immediately applicable to both, whether previously contacted by us to conduct a due selection process. Remarka SAS, has never requested any payment, participation in our vacancies, and is and will be a totally free service, for all citizens, residents and foreigners in general.